Best Modern Kitchen Flooring Ideas In 2017

Create a rustic feel with textured brick

Brick may not be the initial substance that springs to mind in regards to kitchen flooring. But being slip-resistant durable, and easy to wash when sealed, it is perfect for busy family kitchens, and homes with pets.

Tile Kitchen Floors

Tile is also a great, low-maintenance solution for a kitchen. It’s simple to clean, durable and has a quality which expands space at a kitchen’s visual appeal.#br#The latest tile layouts mimic wood and other textures and patterns. Tile no longer comes exclusively because a 12″ square. A number of the designs that are modern are big contours.

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Concrete Kitchen Floors

Concrete has a modern look and tone that’s tough to match. Durable, it may withstand activity in the most busy kitchens and also look great.#br#There are assorted finishes you can give concrete to personalize its look. Freshly poured concrete could be straightened, while all concrete waxed, shiny, stenciled and could be stained.

Phone on comparison

Wooden floors are a wonderful choice for kitchens and kitchen-diners, provided they are treated so they are resistant to spills and stains. When paired with white walls and high ceilings, A stained floor, sealed properly, looks excellent.

Stone Kitchen Floors

There’s a great variety of stone flooring accessible including the hottest marble, travertine and slate. Due to the variations in colour and design, stone provides your kitchen floors a unique look.#br#Stone floors is naturally cool, which is ideal in hotter zones. Consider adding radiant heat to warm the floors, when installing rock flooring in a cold climate.

Bamboo Kitchen Floors

Bamboo is a good kitchen flooring material, particularly if you like eco-friendly products. So it is a source for flooring, bamboo grows. Aside from the aspect, the strength of bamboo is just one of the highest of those organic substances available on the market.

Laminate Wood Kitchen Floors

Laminate wood flooring is a cheap and durable kitchen floor thought. Abuse can be withstood by the coating. It’s a gentle, ergonomic flooring alternative, if you add padding beneath. Simple to install and available in a variety of styles, laminate wood flooring is a modern option for kitchen floors.

Go for a traditional sense with granite tiles

Vintage granite tiles will fit all styles of kitchen, and are fantastic for live-in kitchens that might observe lots of spills. It is the perfect material for family houses, durable, stain-resistant hardwearing and simple to wash.

Carpet Kitchen Floors

Carpet has not historically been a favorite kitchen floor alternative owing to its difficulty in cleaning and upkeep. But the rug tiles are a modern kitchen flooring solution. Engineered and tested to become grade to high traffic areas, simple to install and made from durable, materials that are easy to clean, they may be an ideal kitchen floor idea. The best part is that a carpet tile can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Stick to stone

Organic materials such as stone and wood flooring is always a popular choice and lends authenticity to a scheme. There is A trend ‘mimica’ porcelains, which re-create the look of natural materials.#br#The attractiveness of going for authentic limestone flags is they add character to the kitchen. Laid in a mixture of sizes for a relaxed country look, they’re complemented by kitchen components painted in stone and a farmhouse dining table.